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Say goodbye to the overwhelming search for the perfect music school! With your personalized list of schools, you can target the institutions that align perfectly with your educational and artistic/career goals. No more sifting through countless options only to be confused by too little information. We decode the complexities of each institution, simplifying the application/audition process for you. Your journey to achieving your musical aspirations got a lot easier.

The first big challenge you face in the music school audition process is finding schools that best fit your educational needs and artistic/career goals. The large number of institutions and how they differ can make it a daunting task, especially since you only pick up so much from a school’s website and a limited amount of public information.

For example, how do the popular music programs at USC, Miami, Berklee, and Belmont differ, and how does that translate into what might be the best for you? The same goes for classical music and Juilliard, Eastman, and the New England Conservatory of Music.

Only a few professionals have an intimate enough knowledge of music schools to help answer that question authoritatively. Doctor Fish, with his background as a music educator and music education consultant, is recognized as being one of them.

Doctor Fish will work closely with you to build a personalized list of music schools in your area of interest. It will contain the target, reach, and safety schools that match your level of ability and preparation and best fit your educational and career goals.

We even guarantee acceptance into one of your target schools (some restrictions apply).

We offer no-interest payment plans on all of our services.

We'll also apply what you pay for this service to any package you enroll in later that contains Expert Evaluations.



We match the published or quoted price of any other music independent educational consultancy for equivalent work while providing you with better service  (some restrictions apply).


If enrolled in one of our Consulting Packages with a Personalized List of Schools and an Expert Evaluation, you'll get accepted into at least one agreed-upon target school (some restrictions apply).


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