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Unlock your path to top music schools with our specialized college applications and essays editing service. Say goodbye to the overwhelming stress of creating endless applications and complex essays (including the dreaded Common App) on your own. With us, you gain an expert partner who takes care of the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on perfecting your music. Experience the relief of having a polished, compelling application optimized for music school admissions that stands out in this highly competitive arena.

There’s another crucial aspect of the music school admissions process you have to complete successfully—an application for each college. Much of the information you have to provide is standard except for the sections concerning applications, personal statements, supplemental questions, and essays. 

It can cause significant anxiety as you struggle for the best way to answer them. The stakes can be high, especially if you’re a “marginal” student. Great answers can bolster your chances of acceptance. A poor one can harm them. In fact, your answers can make or break your application.

College Music Major partners with Prompt, the leading college app management specialist, to help you brainstorm and write your personal statements, supplemental questions, and essays. Nine schools plus the College App. Unlimited revisions.

We offer no-interest payment plans on all of our services.

We'll also apply what you pay for this service to any package you enroll in later that contains Expert Evaluations.



We match the published or quoted price of any other music independent educational consultancy for equivalent work while providing you with better service  (some restrictions apply).


If enrolled in one of our Consulting Packages with a Personalized List of Schools and an Expert Evaluation, you'll get accepted into at least one agreed-upon target school (some restrictions apply).


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