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College Music Major knows well how important fit is for college-bound musicians to discover best-fit schools and prepare to apply/audition for them successfully.

The college music admissions process is like a complex, frustrating Maze. Fortunately, we at College Music Major have an expert maze master, Doctor Fish, who can guide you successfully through every twist and turn while also helping you avoid costly misdirections.

He's helped dozens and dozens of college-bound musicians as an independent educational consultant, working one-on-one with them and their families to discover best-fit music schools and apply/audition for them successfully.

This new self-paced online course comes from that experience and his lifetime as a professional musician and music educator. It gives him experience like few others anywhere.


Our Founder & CEO


Dr. David Lee Fish, Ph.D.


Dr. David Lee Fish, Ph.D., is a veteran figure in music and education whose extensive career spans decades of dedication and hard work. He is known for his unique approach to music and his commitment to sharing his passion with others. His expertise ranges from performance to education, and private consulting, making him a veritable renaissance man in the music education sector. He is the co-founder and a past president of the Association for Popular Music Education.

Doctor Fish served as the Senior Consultant and COO for Inside Music Schools and is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association.

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Essential to operations & planning!


Cait Martin

As COO for College Music Major, Cait works closely with all the students and families we serve. She focuses on day-to-day operations and is the point of contact for students. A lifelong music lover with a background in musical theatre, Cait is passionate about helping keep students on track in the search for the music programs that fit them best.

Cait is excited to bring her entrepreneurial experience and customer service expertise from various industries to CMMaj. After spending the early years of her career in restaurant and warehouse management positions, she transitioned into online retail as the sole proprietor of Mama Moon Vintage & Thrift. Her experience leaves her well-qualified to provide exceptional customer service, and she looks forward to working closely with each new CMMaj family.

Young Guns Editor

And much more!


Jake Martin

Jake serves as an associate with CMMaj for students with a range of tutoring needs as well as being the editor for the "Young Guns" master class series. He is a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, and educator with teaching experience ranging from elementary classrooms to university auditoriums. He has two decades of performance experience and has appeared on national stages.

Jake specializes in helping young musicians develop an academic, theory-based foundation for their natural, intuitive musicality. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Popular Music/Music Business from Catawba College, where he later returned to teach. In addition, he earned a Master’s in Music Education from Boston Conservatory at Berklee College of Music. Jake is also a staff member and regular author for In Tune Monthly, a leading music education magazine.

Our Mission and Values

The mission of College Music Major is to transform music educational consulting through exceptional services, including admissions guidance, online instruction, tutoring, and private lessons. We strive to empower the students we serve by helping each discover best-fit schools and successfully apply/audition for them.

Treat everyone with whom we interact with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Act with the belief that the Golden Rule is enlightened self-interest and that it always means people before profit.

Promote diversity and inclusiveness in all ways that we can.

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