Music School Admissions: Ultimate DIY Guide

A wealth of information!

The music college admissions process is like a complex, frustrating maze. Fortunately, we have our own expert Maze Master, Doctor Fish, who guides music students and their families through every twist and turn while helping them avoid costly mistakes.

As an independent educational consultant, Dr. Fish has a proven track record of success. He's guided numerous college-bound musicians, working one-on-one with them to discover best-fit music schools and successfully apply/audition.

His new ebook course is based on that experience and his lifetime as a professional musician and music educator, giving him unrivaled expertise.

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DIY Approach

College Music Major offers private music educational consulting through our private services. We are now introducing something new: a downloadable ebook that walks you through the various phases of the music school admissions process. Think of a map of the Maze.

It's the next best thing to working one-on-one with Dr. Fish and serves:

  • adventurous folks who feel they only need a great map and clear directions.
  •  students already working with an academic educational consultant needing help with the musical aspects of the process.
  • families on a limited budget.

What You'll Discover

Doctor Fish's DIY guide gives you an up-close, insiders view of:

  1. The 7 BIG admissions mistakes
  2. How to take stock of your talent and skill
  3. The college music admissions process
  4. The music audition process
  5. Types of music schools
  6. Types of music degrees
  7. How to find best-fit schools
  8. Portfolios & prescreening videos
  9. Applications & essays
  10. And much more!

One of a Kind

& Authoritative

You won't find this type of online course anywhere else. And Dr. Fish doesn't hold anything back in revealing the path through the complex music school admissions and auditioning process.


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Music School Admissions: Ultimate DIY Guide