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One size NEVER fits all. For that matter, two or three sizes don't fit everyone when it comes to helping college-bound musicians. The needs of every student are different, as is what they are looking for from a music educational consulting service.

Some students and their families are looking for a more traditional, all-encompassing approach where the consultant works with you privately throughout the admissions and audition process. Others are seeking more targeted help on negotiating specific aspects of what we call the Maze at College Music Major.

Whether it's help with everything, just one aspect, or something in between, we've got you covered.

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Pricing Policy

As you can see from the image, a lot goes into pricing.

College Music Major enters the independent music educational consultation market to help reduce the cost for college-bound musicians and their families while increasing the standard of service.

We bring two more concepts to our pricing—transparency and fairness. It means we are as clear and upfront about our pricing as possible, and our prices are the same for everyone.



Here's how we make our services affordable:

  • Not just a few inclusive packages but also individual services and our exclusive DIY guide.

  • No-interest payment plans.

  • We match the published or quoted price of any other music educational consultancy for equivalent work while providing you with better service  (some restrictions apply).

More Services

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Tutoring & Private Lessons

online • focused on your auditions

Audition Bootcamp

prep for the most important moment

5-Day Stage Fright Solution

don't let nerves undermine you

Prescreening Videos & Portfolios

helping you over the first big hurdle

Young Guns

online master classes by top musicians

Interview Prep

impress them with who you are

Scholarship Advisement

making your dream viable

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