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Helping college-bound musicians & their families

The challenges of discovering best-fit music schools and then applying/auditioning for them successfully create a complex, frustrating process—what I call the Maze. Helping you negotiate it is where private music education consulting comes in.

I'm happy to be one of the handful of professionals who has developed the expertise to help college-bound musicians and their families through all of the confusion, frustration, and questions that come with the Maze. I take pride in having helped dozens and dozens of them successfully negotiate the process to enroll in their dream schools.

(Parents, you might be interested in my page for you.)

Doctor Fish (recognized expert in music education consulting)

The heart of music education consulting

College Music Major offers a range of offerings to help college-bound musicians and their families, including:

  • a DIY guide
  • our upcoming Young Gun series of online master classes with top musicians and music educators
  • private tutoring and lessons focused on college auditions
  • à la carte services

Still, the heart of college music consulting remains one-on-one private work with students.

With the help of the CMMaj staff and faculty at top schools around the country, I can guide you through the music school admissions and audition process like your trusty maze master.

Consulting packages

Other consultants call their inclusive services tiers or levels. At College Music Major, we call them Consulting Packages because we combine individual services to create them. But they are more than the sum of their parts.

Our Consulting Packages not only help you with the individual steps in the music school admissions process, but they also help you connect the dots between them. 

For example, as a bundled package, we’ll help ensure the various parts of your college applications (including your prescreening videos and essays) and your auditions work together to maximize your chances for acceptance. With our coaching option, we can even help make sure that you get everything done on time. 

 Consulting Package discounts also save you money over purchasing our services individually.


What sets us apart

Why should you consider College Music Major to help you with the music school admissions process? We pride ourselves on being:

  • Expert

    My long, broad, and successful background in music and education gives me exceptional knowledge and expertise that I apply to all of my music education consulting (full bio here). I have already helped dozens and dozens of students find acceptance at top music schools across the country, including USC, Miami, NYU, and Berklee.

  • Collaborative

    No two music students are alike. With that in mind, CMMaj always prioritizes your needs and desires without imposing any preconceived plan of who you should be. We are all members of Team You.

  • Flexible

    Families with high school musicians lead busy lives, and their plans can change unexpectedly. Plus, the families CMMaj assists reside in various time zones. These are our responsibility to manage by making ourselves available evenings, weekends, and even holidays when needed. (In return, we just ask for a sincere commitment to our work together.)

  • Affordable

    A higher education is important for an aspiring musician but can also be expensive. To start, you need to find schools that meet your needs and apply and audition for them successfully. CMMaj offers package discounts, individual services, our revolutionary DIY guide, and payment plans with no interest to make this step more affordable for you. 

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