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Discover your musical potential with an Expert Evaluation by top college music faculty. Gain unmatched insight into your skills and talents from educational leaders in your area of musical interest, and take a giant leap toward your dream of becoming a music major. With this exclusive access to our network of influential music educators, you get a competitive edge that transcends the typical college trial lesson, setting you up for success in your music career.

Having your heart set on being a music major is one thing. Knowing where you stand regarding your talent and skill development for acceptance is another. And there's only one person who can help answer that for you authoritatively—a professor at a top school with expertise on your instrument or in your area of interest (production, songwriting, etc.).

There's no substitute for this type of direct feedback, not even a trial lesson at a college or university.

College Music Major has an unbeatable network of music faculty at the best schools in the country to arrange a private online evaluation just for you. You can better prepare for prescreening videos and auditions with the feedback you receive.

We even offer bundles of two and three Expert Evaluations at a discount for multi-threat musicians.

We offer no-interest payment plans on all of our services.

We'll also apply what you pay for this service to any package you enroll in later that contains Expert Evaluations.



We match the published or quoted price of any other music independent educational consultancy for equivalent work while providing you with better service  (some restrictions apply).


If enrolled in one of our Consulting Packages with a Personalized List of Schools and an Expert Evaluation, you'll get accepted into at least one agreed-upon target school (some restrictions apply).


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