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Thanks for booking an Intro Chat with College Music Major. We're excited to meet you!

As an independent educational consultant, Dr. Fish has helped well over a hundred college-bound musicians or every type gain acceptance at top schools across the country.

If you haven't done so already, please read about the challenge of finding best-fit music schools and the fierce competition of getting into them on our home page. You might also be interested in our message for parents on the music school admissions process.

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The Better Way

College Music Major has found a better way to offer services to college-bound musicians that sets us apart from other music independent educational consultants. We are:


We make our professional services as affordable as possible for students and their families. In addition to inclusive packages, we offer individual services as well as no-interest payment plans.


Doctor Fish's expertise is unmatched. He combines experience as a professional musician, music professor, founder of an important educational organization, and success in music school admissions consulting.


We work with you, truly with you. We suggest, rather than tell, keeping your wants and needs firmly in mind.


One size NEVER fits all. The needs and wishes of each student and their family differ, and we welcome the differences.


Our Guarantees



If you enroll in our service to help create a personalized shortlist of best-fit schools, you'll be accepted into at least one agreed-upon target school (some restrictions apply).


We'll beat the published or quoted price of any other music IEC for equivalent service (some restrictions apply).