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College Music Major is an educational consulting firm that provides specialized guidance supporting college-bound high school musicians. Led by Dr. David Fish, a veteran music educator with over 20 years leading university arts programs, College Music Major offers personalized consulting covering the arts supplements, portfolio development, audition preparation, and application strategy tailored specifically to help young musicians gain acceptance at selective music-focused colleges where they can flourish. Blending deep hands-on music education experience with practical admissions expertise, College Music Major is uniquely positioned to help talented young creatives clarify development needs, curate stand-out supplements, identify great-fit schools, ace auditions, and launch rewarding creative careers.

Dr. Fish Bio

Dr. David Lee Fish, Ph.D., is a veteran figure in music and education whose extensive career spans decades of dedication and hard work. He is known for his unique approach to music and his commitment to sharing his passion with others. His expertise ranges from performance to education, and private consulting, making him a veritable renaissance man in the music education sector. He is the co-founder and a past president of the Association for Popular Music Education. Doctor Fish is a member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association.


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Dr. David Lee Fish
Dr. David Lee Fish, Ph.D., Founder & Principal of College Music Major
Dr. David Lee Fish, Ph.D. Founder & Principal of College Music Major



Services Overview

College Music Major provides specialized college admissions consulting exclusively focused on serving the needs of emerging young musicians.

Services center on personalized guidance through every facet of the selective admissions process - identifying great-fit college and conservatory programs aligned with abilities and goals, coaching to polish auditions and portfolio submissions, focused advice on articulating achievements for maximum impact, and application strategy tailored to bring outstanding artistic promise to life.

With over 20 years of hands-on experience developing youth artistry and leading university arts programs, College Music Major offers the unique combined perspective to match exceptional creative students with higher education opportunities poised to develop their distinct potential.

The focus is matching youth musical gifts and passions with ideal higher learning environments for those gifts to prosper.

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