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Students of INDIA!

Meet Dr. David Lee Fish, professional musician, music professor, independent educational consultant, and the founder of College Music Major.

With deep experience helping international music students discover best-fit music schools and ace their auditions, Doctor Fish and the CMMaj team can help you conquer the complex and frustrating college admissions process.

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The Best of Both Worlds!

For 2024, College Music Major is proud to announce our new partnership with India's premier education consultancy, THE RED PEN.

By combining forces, The Red Pen and College Music Major... 


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Our Services

  1. Private consultation
  2. Best-fit school lists
  3. Expert evaluation
  4. Online prep courses
  1. Coaching, tutoring, and private lessons
  2. Audition and interview practice
  3. Applications & essays editing
  4. Stage fright alleviation

Record of Success

As a music educational consultant, Doctor Fish has helped students gain acceptance at the following schools:


Your Interests are Ours

  1. Classical performance
  2. Jazz performance
  3. Popular music (all styles)
  4. Songwriting & composition
  5. Media & game scoring
  6. Production & Engineering
  1. Music business
  2. Music therapy
  3. Music education
  4. Double & dual programs
  5. Graduate study
  6. Music minors

Music School Acceptance Rates


Juilliard acceptance rate


USC overall acceptance rate for music


Berklee acceptance rate


To a large extent, your future as a musician will hinge on the college, university, or conservatory you attend.

But, given the extremely low acceptance rates at in-demand schools, securing a spot at a top school can be as difficult as getting into Harvard.

You need to be confident about the process and audition well. That's where CMMaj comes in.

Your Challenge


number of American
colleges & universities


number that
offer music degrees


number that are
a good fit for YOU

There are nearly 4,000 degree-granting postsecondary institutions in the United States, with almost half offering a music degree. How do you figure out which schools best fit your educational goals and career aspirations?

Often, fewer than a dozen schools best fit the needs of a given college-bound musician. CMMaj can help you identify the schools that offer the best curriculum, faculty, resources, and opportunities.


The Better Way

College Music Major has found a better way to offer services to college-bound musicians that sets us apart from other independent music educational consultants. We are:


We make our professional services as affordable as possible for students and their families. In addition to inclusive packages, we offer individual services as weoo as no-interest payment plans.


Doctor Fish combines his experience as a professional musician, music professor, founder of an important educational organization, and experience as a senior music educational consultant.


We work with you, truly with you. We suggest rather than tell, keeping your wants and needs firmly in mind.


One size NEVER fits all. The needs and wishes of each student and their family differ, and we welcome the differences.


Our Guarantees


If enrolled in one of our Consulting Packages with a personalized school list, you'll get accepted into at least one agreed-upon target school (some restrictions apply).


We'll match the published or quoted price of any other music education consultant for equivalent service (some restrictions apply).


Study Music in America

International Student Guide

NEW! Doctor Fish's online guide for international musicians and their families who dream of studying in the United States.

Study Music in America provides you with the crucial information you need on:

  • Types of music schools & degrees
  • Applications and auditions
  • Visas and language requirements 
  • Costs, scholarships & student loans
  • Cultural and legal issues
  • And more!

Introductory special—40% discount and read the first section FREE!

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