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The college journey can be a daunting and overwhelming experience for both music students and their families. Knowing where to start and how to make the best choices can be challenging with so many options and decisions. That’s where an independent music educational consultant comes in with a consultant with expertise in helping music students. It guides and supports students and their families throughout the music admissions process. This article will explore why college consulting is worth the investment and how it can help you achieve your goals as a college-bound musician (or the parent of one).

Why Is a Music Educational Consultant Important?

The college application process has become increasingly competitive and complex in recent years. With more music students auditioning to study music at top universities and colleges, standing out can be challenging. This is where college consulting can make a significant difference.

Personalized Guidance and Support

One of the biggest benefits of college consulting for any student is the personalized guidance and support it provides. Each student has unique strengths, interests, and goals. A college consultant can help them identify and highlight these qualities in their application and audition. A college consultant will work closely with the student to understand their academic and artistic achievements, as well as their personal interests and professional aspirations. With this information, they can help the student create a well-rounded and compelling application that showcases their individuality and potential.

Expert Knowledge and Experience

Navigating the college application process can be overwhelming, especially for first-generation college students or families unfamiliar with the process. College consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in the college admissions process and can provide valuable insights and advice.

They are familiar with different requirements and expectations at various music schools and can help students tailor their applications, prescreening videos and auditions accordingly. They can also provide valuable tips and strategies for writing essays, preparing for interviews, and standing out in extracurricular activities.

Access to Resources and Connections

College consultants have access to resources and connections that can benefit students throughout their college journey. They often have relationships with admissions officers at various colleges and universities, giving students an advantage in the application process.

Additionally, college consultants can provide students with access to scholarship opportunities and other resources that can help them achieve their college goals. They can also connect students with alumni networks and other connections that provide support and guidance throughout their college experience.

How Can a Music Educational Consultant Help?

College consulting can provide many benefits for students and their families. Here are some specific ways a music educational consultant can help students achieve their goals.

Identifying the Right Fit

With so many college and university music programs, it can be challenging to know which ones best fit a student’s academic and artistic goals. A college consultant can help students narrow their options and identify the schools that align with their interests and aspirations. This is especially true with music schools. The offerings at one often differ in important but subtle ways from the next. 

Consultants can also provide valuable insights into the culture and atmosphere of different colleges, helping students make informed decisions about where they want to spend the next four years.

Maximizing Scholarship Opportunities

College can be expensive, and many families worry about how to afford it. A music educational consultant can help students identify and apply for scholarship opportunities that can reduce the financial burden of attending college. This includes scholarships offered specifically to music students. 

Consultants can also help with financial aid applications and help students understand their options for financing their education. With their expertise, college consultants can help students make the most of their financial resources and minimize the stress of paying for college.

Standing Out in the Application and Audition Process

The college application process is highly competitive, and standing out to top universities and colleges is essential. Music educational consultants can help students create a unique application showcasing their strengths and potential. The same goes for their prescreening videos and artistic portfolios.

With their knowledge, college consultants can help students make a strong impression on admissions officers and increase their chances of acceptance into their dream schools.

Who Can Benefit from a Music Educational Consultant?

College consulting can benefit high-school all high school students, from freshmen to seniors. Here are some specific groups that can benefit from a music educational consultant.

High-Achieving Students

High-achieving students aiming for top music schools can benefit greatly from college consulting. With the help of a college consultant, these students can create a strong and unique application that showcases their achievements.

First-Generation College Students

First-generation college students often face unique challenges in the college application process. College consulting can provide them with the guidance and support they need to navigate the process successfully and achieve their college goals.

Students with Specific Goals or Interests

Some students may have specific professional/artistic goals or musical interests they want to pursue, like songwriting or game scoring. College consulting can help them identify best-fit colleges for their goals and provide guidance on standing out in the admissions process.


The music school admissions process can be a challenging and overwhelming experience. An independent music educational consultant can provide valuable guidance and support to students and their families. With personalized guidance, expert knowledge, and access to resources and connections, college consulting can help music students achieve their goals. Investing in college consulting is an investment in a student’s future, and the benefits are well worth it.

FAQ About Music Educational Consultants

Q: What does a music educational consultant do?

A: Music education consultants specialize in helping students navigate the complex world of pursuing college music degrees and music careers. They provide personalized guidance on selecting programs, audition preparation, submitting quality applications and portfolios, researching scholarship options, and developing career plans.

Q: Why would a student use a music consultant vs. a school counselor?

A: School counselors have expertise in many areas but often lack specialized knowledge for competitive music pursuits. Music consultants intensely focus on the latest developments, requirements, and opportunities in collegiate music training and performing arts industries.

Q: When should students engage a music consultant?

A: Ideally, in 9th or 10th grade to strategize which high school courses to take, activities to pursue, and skills to hone. However, hiring a consultant even in junior year can provide specific direction to strengthen profiles.

Q: Do music consultants help with the actual college/conservatory applications and auditions?

A: Absolutely. Experienced consultants review all written application materials, offer tips to polish video submissions, provide ongoing feedback during audition prep, and may even attend the actual audition.

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