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Our Pricing Policy

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College Music Major aims to reduce the cost while increasing the standard of service in the independent educational consulting market for college-bound musicians.

We bring two more concepts to our pricing—transparency and fairness. It means we are as clear and upfront about our pricing as possible, and our prices are the same for everyone, regardless of Zip Code.


Our Guarantees

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If enrolled in one of our Consulting Packages with a personalized school list, you'll get accepted into at least one target school we agree upon or we'll refund your money (some restrictions apply).


We'll beat the published or quoted price of any other music education consultant for equivalent service (some restrictions apply).

Service Packages

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College Music Major offers NO-INTEREST payment plans! 🙂

Package Details

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Expert Evaluation Package

How realistic is it for the college-bound musician in your family to major in music? Discover if their musical journey is on track with this introductory bundle. We arrange feedback from a professor at a top school with specialization in your child's area of musical interest. We also find out if they have a firm enough grasp of music theory. Then, consult with Dr. Fish before deciding on other services. As a bonus, you gain access to his "Music School Admissions: Ultimate DIY Guide" online course.

Shortlist of Best-Fit Schools

Craft a roadmap to college admissions success with this personalized consulting package that builds upon our Expert Evaluation bundle. Dr. Fish and his team will guide your family through the maze of college options, ensuring you construct a shortlist of schools tailored to best fit your child's musical and career aspirations. Benefit from the type of private consultation, in-depth research, and expert advice that only College Music Major can provide.

Comprehensive Package

Elevate your educational journey with our all-in-one educational package, which begins with the services in our Expert Evaluation and Shortlist of Schools bundles. Benefit from help with pre-screening videos and artistic portfolios, our rigorous audition boot camp, and tailored interview preparation. Also, discover great summer music camps and enriching extracurriculars that fine-tune talents and make a great resume. In addition, we provide strategic advice on scholarships and financial aid. Maybe best of all, we extend our assistance with the FREE +1 service. 

+ Apps & Essays

Our premier consulting package includes everything in our other bundles plus unlimited edits on college applications and essays for up to nine schools, fine-tuned for music admissions success.


Individual Services


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Gain invaluable insights into your skills and talents from an educational leader in your musical field during a private online session. With College Major's access to influential music educators at top schools, you'll receive a definitive perspective on pursuing music as a major. You'll also get tips on what to work on for auditions.


what parents are saying

College Music Major has been an invaluable guide through our daughter's journey in pursuing her musical dreams. Dr. Fish's expertise and genuine care have helped us navigate the complexities of the music education system and inspired her to reach new heights as an artist.

LARRY (Columbus, OH)

Dr. Fish’s decades of experience as a university professor deeply inform his ability to connect and resonate with our teenage son. He truly understands the pressures and demands of applying to music school, and yet delivers in a way that has put my son at ease and boosted his confidence in himself. Dr. Fish is the mentor my son needs to put his best self out there in his application process.

Meredith (Asheville, NC)

+1 (Plus 1)

new, truly special & FREE

College Music Major is excited to introduce +1, a groundbreaking service tailored for college-bound musicians.

Beyond the thrill of music school acceptance lies a crucial transition into college life. With +1, students receive unparalleled support during their first semester, ensuring a smooth journey into higher education.

From managing academic challenges to fostering social adjustments and personal growth, +1 equips students with essential tools for success. Led by Dr. Fish, the +1 team is dedicated to guiding students through this pivotal phase, ensuring they thrive, not just survive, in their college experience.

With +1, College Music Major redefines the transition into college with enthusiasm and expertise.

And, here's the best part...

The pilot semester  of the +1 program is free for students starting college in the Fall of 2025 and who enroll in either our Comprehensive or + Applications and Essays package.