Mistake #6

Not developing your musicianship

It's a common misconception that music schools are solely interested in enrolling great performers, songwriters, or other specialized talents. The reality is that they seek musicians who also happen to possess these exceptional abilities. There's a subtle yet crucial distinction between the two.

At the core of music school admissions lies the concept of musicianship – a comprehensive understanding and mastery of the fundamental elements that form the foundation of music itself. This is what professors are truly listening for during auditions.

What goes into musicianship? Things like:

  • Musical expressiveness
  • A good sense of rhythm
  • Being able to play and sing in tune
  • A knowledge of music theory
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How do I develop my musicianship?

College Music Major has got you covered.

Our Expert Evaluation and Musicianship Review services are designed to help you identify gaps in your musical development that could undermine your chances of getting into a top school.

If there are gaps, we have talented private instructors who offer online lessons/tutoring focused on addressing them while there is still time to do so.  

Let's discuss your aspirations, evaluate your current abilities, and develop a personalized plan to help you shine during the music school admissions process.

Contact us today, and let College Music Major be your guide on the path to musical excellence and academic success.

—Dr. Fish Doctor Fish of College Music Major

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