Mistake #2

Waiting too long

Schools set strict deadlines for application submissions and accompanying materials, such as prescreening videos and essays. These preparations require time. Failing to start early can result in missed opportunities.

By not waiting to start the music school admissions process, you’ll also have more time to:

  • discover and explore great schools
  • meet early application deadlines
  • plan college visits
  • understand financial aspects
  • meet particular application requirements

Starting early also allows you ample time to identify and address any issues that could potentially hinder your acceptance into top schools, thereby increasing your chances of success.

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Music School Admissions: Ultimate DIY Guide

Private, One-On-One Consulting

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Pursuing a college music major is a thrilling yet complex journey. Let our team of experts at College Music Major be your trusted guide. We offer personalized consulting services tailored to your needs:

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  • Career planning

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