Introductory Special

This page is for parents of college-bound musicians.

Is majoring in music realistic?

How realistic is it for the college musician in your family to major in music? Put another way, are they developed enough musically for this path?

The opinions of most of those you know don’t really matter. What does is a evaluation by a professor at a top school specializing in your child's area of musical interest, whether that's pop singing, jazz saxophone, songwriting, film scoring, etc.

That's the sort of definitive assessment you need to move forward, and that's where the  type of online Expert Evaluation College Music Major offers comes in.

The service is fundamental to everything else we offer, including our Shortlist of Best-Fit Schools, Prescreening Videos, and more.


Expert Evaluation Intro Bundle

For families who'd like to confir that their son or daugther possesses a level of musical development that supports them becoming a music major before they commit to the services we offer, College Music Major now offers an introductory bundle of services.

What's in the Bundle?

  • Expert Evaluation: An online assessment with a professor at a top school who is an expert in your child’s area of musical interest ($2000 value)

  • Music Theory Review: An online examination to determine whether the student's knowledge of music theory meets the expectations of music schools ($450 value)

  • DIY Guide: Full access to Dr. Fish's online Music School Admissons: DIY Guide ($375 value)

  • Private Consultation: two online conversations with Dr. Fish on the student's prospects of majoring in music based on the above assessments ($500 value)

Special Price

Here's the total value of the individual services above:


Here's what you'll pay for the bundle:


PLUS: We'll even apply what you spend on this Introductory Special to any of our other packages.



Don't you hate the marketing ploy While Supplies Last to try instill in you FOMO, a fear of missing out? I hope you trust we won't do that to you, but we are limiting this bundle to the first group of families who sign up.

If it works well, we may continue offering an Intro Special. For now, though, we want to see if it's a viable option at this price.

So, if you feel, as we do, that this is a great way to get started with the music school admissions process, shoot us an email. We'll take it from there.